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If you want to grow your business, you need more new customers. You also need more from your existing customers. You must have a plan that will deliver your message to your potential customers.

That message must connect in an emotional way with your prospects and show them - in a memorable way - why they should do business with YOU, and what your unique selling proposition is.

Jeff Leonard Media and Associates' mission is to focus on your customers' needs, problems and opportunities. In short, after gathering information on your business, we will custom craft a marketing plan that will help you grow your business.

Frankly, we don't focus on merely buying the market for the cheapest dollar. Ask us why that is bad. For many of our competitors, this is their so-called "edge." We are more concerned with buying the market effectively, which translates to more revenue for your business. Naturally we will buy as efficiently as possible, to do otherwise is a real waste of your resources.

Jeff Leonard Media and Associates starts at the beginning and has the resources and experience to be involved in all aspects of the process:

  • Marketing analysis...determining your ad budget, assessing your needs, establishing goals, finding your position on the strategic square.
  • Marketing plan...recommending the best way to deliver your message with a mix of media that is designed to reach as many of your prospects as possible with the resources at hand.
  • Creative services...print layout, radio/TV commercial writing, audio-video production, web design and delivery.
  • Voice over...a national quality equity voice as a spokesperson for your buisiness keeps your message consistent from station to station in radio,TV, Internet, and other audio advertising.
  • All of these benefits for your company can be delivered by a company that services small to medium businesses that larger agencies would not consider because of budget considerations.

    Call today for an appointment to talk about how Jeff Leonard Media and Associates can become the strongest member of your marketing team.